Support Small Businesses this Holiday Season - Growing Your Local Economy  

As a small business owner who truly loves creating handmade bracelets for wearable electronic devices, I cannot stress enough how important the holiday season is for people like me, especially after a global pandemic. It is that time of year where businesses have the ability to reach maximum potential and help more people discover handmade jewelry and other handmade gifts that genuinely leave lasting, loving impressions. More often than not, corporate companies tend to over shine us little guys. They typically have deeper marketing budgets and can produce products faster than we can create handmade ones. There is no passion or uniqueness to what they provide. 

Small Business Shopping Means Contributing to Local Government with Taxes

When you choose to patronize with local small businesses, you are giving money back into your local community. The more successful a local small business is, the more money they will generate, which turns into them paying higher taxes. Those taxes then get used for things like advancing the local police department, schools, roads, and much more. In addition, the more booming small businesses are, the more it can improve every single homeowner’s bottom line, all while generating more property taxes for other local governments. Local small businesses charge sales tax (based on location), which can help fund new projects like street lighting or improve historic shopping districts to attract more people to the area. 

Small Businesses are the Backbone of the Economy 

Small businesses are the pinnacle contributors to local economies. They bring immense growth and innovation to communities by stimulating the market, providing job opportunities, and offering unique handmade gifts that you cannot find anywhere else. So, take your holiday shopping adventure down a different path this year and support your local small businesses. By doing so, you are investing in a stronger, thriving local economy for yourself and future generations, but you are also giving your loved one something that was handmade with dedication and passion. And that all on its own is what makes small businesses second to none.

Simeon D.