We are a family-owned studio based in Southern California. We dress up fitness trackers and smartwatches such as Apple Watch, Fitbit, & Samsung, to name a few. We design and handcraft gorgeous style bracelets for women using only the highest quality materials. The idea of opening an Etsy store began in late 2017. We both lead active lives and wanted to bring something stylish yet functional to consumers; both of us are huge fans of smart wearable gadgets. 

We love Fitbit and Apple as a brand, and decided to create unique and stylish designs for all the fitness activity trackers. We combined our love for fashion and fitness and Simeon D Jewelry Studio was born. Our studio is composed of two people: Simeon, the CEO, and Elishah, the shop assistant( wife ). We each play vital parts to the business. As the owner, I am in charge of creating the designs, taking pictures, and creating the listings. My gorgeous wife assists with all social media profiles and models for our products. We are thrilled to announce we are expecting the newest member of the studio and family, Baby V, due February 2020.