My name is Simeon Dechev, the creator and owner of Simeon D Jewelry. I was born and raised in Bulgarian and moved to the United States when I was 22 to build my dream.  At the time, I was unsure as to what that was. I've always been an entrepreneur of sorts, and I've always loved creating things. It reminded me of my childhood with my Father. We would spend hours making things together. When it came to starting a business, I knew that I was passionate about being creative, fashion, fitness, and owning my own business. 

I began my first online venture in 2009 with only $50--money I couldn't really afford to lose. At the time, I was working full time as a general manager at a restaurant, working long hours, and not making a lot of money. I wanted to have more financial freedom. I had a feeling that the online market was the way of the future. I would come home after my shift and begin working on creating a business until the early hours of the morning. I tried many different avenues and products to sell. Some of the ideas I had worked, and many didn't. I would spend hours researching ways to make my business grow. I would read forums, watch videos, and read books. I didn't give up, I had a feeling that with enough persistence and passion, I would eventually succeed. 

After 8 years on various other market places, I began to become disillusioned. I wanted to make more of an impact and create things that weren't on the market. I remember the satisfaction I felt as a child when my Father and I made things. This feeling led me to start my handmade business in 2017. I had just gotten married and decided to get more serious about fitness.  I began to notice the lack of stylish options for wearable technology. I went to a bead store with my wife and decided to experiment. After making my first bracelet for Fitbit, I was hooked. I then had the idea to move on to Apple, Samsung, and so on. Soon I began incorporating leather to my styles, and the rest, as they say, is history. 

Want to know why I chose Etsy? Find out on my next blog post!