It came to me suddenly. I had heard about Etsy, and after being on different platforms, I knew that Etsy would be my next move. I had ventured into making jewelry for some time, and even though I didn't know anything about this market place I had a feeling that with enough hard work and lots of research, I could make it work. What I didn't expect was how quickly it would become my family's primary form of income. 

The transition to selling on Etsy took a few months. I started by setting up the store, making the products then adding many listings. I worked on perfecting my craft and building a relationship with my buyers. I listened to what they wanted and modified it to fit my own creative vision. Together we've managed to t a long-lasting relationship. One that I'm proud of maintaining.

Long gone are the times where people are drawn to mass-produced products. Today's buyers take the time to research products, want items that are uniquely made, and are ready to wait for those items to be handcrafted. This is the main reason that makes Etsy such a successful platform. It's the only one of its kind to build a relationship between the maker and buyers, making it a partnership of sorts. Customers want quality over quantity. What drew me was the community and artisan aspect of the site--something that I hadn't experienced before. I enjoyed making things for customers, items that were unique, stylish, and one of a kind. 

In my years of being in the online marketing world, I know how essential pictures are. I also know that keywords are what bring customers. I've spent countless hours researching keywords while learning the ins and outs of Etsy. The more I learn, the more I am proud to be a part of this community.  

Want to know how we reached 20,000+ sales in less than 3 years? Found out more on my next blog post.